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Crystal Candle Chandelier

A romantic night with that special someone doesn’t have to require hours to get ready, a fancy, overpriced dinner, or late night on the town. Instead, stay in and enjoy your hot tub with the person you love.


There’s nothing more enchanting than mood lighting to create the perfect romantic hot tub ambience. Create a memorable evening for two in your hot tub showing your love and appreciation to someone who improves your life significantly by adding the crystal candle chandelier to your hot tub hire romantic package.

Romantic Hot Tub TIPS

While lighting is one way to set the mood, consider creating a playlist of songs that will create the atmosphere you are trying to create for your date night. Keep in mind that you might spend more time in the tub than normal, so plan for enough music. You will also want to set the volume at a level where you can hear it over the jets of the tub.

Crystal Candle Chandelier Hire

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