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The Ultimate Hot Tub Party Guide

Want to create a memorable hot tub party this summer? The team here at Hot Tub Hire Glasgow have got you covered with all the hot tub party ideas you need from invitations and decorations to games and the perfect menu of delicious food.

Choose a creative theme to elevate your hot tub party. If your guests are all-ages, plan a playful get together to amuse the kids, such as a superhero or unicorn extravaganza. Entertain adults with an elegant beach-themed hot tub party complete with summer cocktails and summer tunes. To play on current trends, throw a casual outdoor hot tub movie night and ask your guests to dress up like characters from the movie.

Here are more hot tub party ideas for adults and kids to help you throw the perfect garden hot tub party.

  • Tropical Beach Party

  • Summer Fiesta

  • Music Garden Festival

  • Surf’s Up Summer Party

  • Las Vegas Casino Glam

  • Under-the-Sea Beach Bash

  • All-American Barbecue

  • Outdoor Movie Night

Pool Party Invitations

Hot Tub party invitations can range from easy too difficult. There are three primary options:

  • Easiest: Create a digital party invitation. Use an online service like Evite, then distribute the invitation via email. You can also create an event on popular social media platforms to quickly invite your guests.

  • Easy: Order online some pre-designed printed invitations from Amazon or at your local supermarket.

  • Difficult: Custom design your invitation at a local paper supply store such as Staples. This is the best way to create an extravagant invitation your guests will not forget.

Party Decorations

Take your party from drab to fab with the right decorations. To create instant excitement, add a welcome sign to the front of you home. Then to wow your guests further, decorate a snack or dessert table with statement décor like colourful tablecloths, balloons and themed pieces. For a sailor theme, incorporate navy blue, white and red while including decorative anchors around the table. Under-the-sea themes could include mermaid tails, fishing nets, shells and crabs. You can even adorn your hot tub with floating balloons. Just get creative and watch the hot tub party magic happen.

Photo Booth

Give your guests something to post about! Create a DIY Photo Booth backdrop with fun props so that everyone will want to snap a selfie. The photo wall should match your party theme and should be large enough to fit a big group. This photo op will build buzz around your event and will turn your hot tub party into the envy of your social circle.

Photo Booth Ideas:

  • Tassel garlands backdrop

  • Hanging frames

  • Balloon wall

  • Shark photo prop

  • Tropical photo prop

  • Hawaiian photo prop

Do you need a Photo Booth for your next event? Hot Tub Hire Glasgow provides the most wanted Photo Booths to hire across Glasgow and the Clyde Valley. With free social media uploads, free props and attendant. For more information and prices, please contact Hot Tub Hire Glasgow.

Set the Ambiance with Party Lighting and Music

Extend your hot tub party into the late-night hours with the right mood music and lighting. Plan a splash-worthy hot tub party music playlist in advance to keep the positive energy flowing from start to finish. Candles, tiki torches, lanterns, fire pits or pre-installed hot tub lights can all radiate an evening glow. When night falls, you can easily create the perfect atmosphere at the touch of a button with our range of luxury hot tubs which have built in mood lights.

Always exert caution when installing string lights near the hot tub. Ensure electrical lights are plugged into a RCD outlet for safety purposes. When in doubt, speak to our hot tub experts or contact a electrician.

Hot Tub Party Games

Turn up the heat with some competitive hot tub party games you can play with your family and friends. Hot Tub Hire Glasgow came up with 5 amazing, fun games to keep the soak-time with your family and friends that much more enjoyable…

1. Hot Tub Hockey

What You Need: Your hot tub, family and friends, floating duckie

Goal: To get the floating duckie to touch the opposing team’s side of the hot tub using only water or air.

How to Play: Place the duckie in the middle of the tub. Create two teams and each sit on opposite ends of the tub. When someone blows the whistle, each team must get the object to touch the opposing team’s wall to earn one point. You can blow or create waves, but you cannot touch the object. Splashing is allowed and actually makes the game quite fun. The team that scores three points first is the winner and gets to impose a penalty on all members of the losing team.

Advanced: You can set up two-person teams and have a mini tournament where you have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize. One on one is also very fun but be careful not to hyperventilate by blowing too much. Goal!

2. Pass the bottle

What You Need: A hard plastic bottle filled with water, capped.

Goal: To pass the bottle completely around the tub without using your hands.

How to Play: Pass the bottle completely around the tub without using your hands. You may use any other parts of your body, including your backside, but you can’t use the same body part between players. For example, you can’t pass the bottle from your armpit to another player’s armpit, but instead, you can pass it from your neck to their knee. The person who drops the bottle must suffer a penalty and then start the game over again using a different body part than the last time.

3. Ping Pong Panic

What You Need: Five ping pong balls

Goal: Players must not touch the ping pong balls with any part of their bodies.

How to Play: Begin with five ping pong balls. Drop the balls into the centre of the tub and then scramble like mad to get out of the way. The only rule is that you must keep both feet inside the tub at all times. If a ball touches you then you must sit outside of the tub until there is only one player left. Continue to add two balls to the tub every 15 seconds until there is only one person left. The last person remaining in the tub is the winner and may then impose whatever penalty they choose onto all the losers.

4. Tubthumping

What You Need: A hot tub

How to Play: Each person must come up with a sign that represents them (i.e. scratching your chin or picking your nose). The game begins with everyone sitting in a circle and continuously slapping the water with their hands. While this is going on, pick someone to start and they’ll perform their sign. The person to the left will do their sign, and so on, until everyone has gotten a turn. Now the game really gets crazy! The person that started the game must now perform their sign, then immediately follow it by doing someone else’s sign. Now the person who just had their sign performed, must now quickly perform their own sign, and then someone else’s without making any mistakes or else they lose and must suffer a penalty. Everyone must continue to slap the water with their hands while the game is going on as this provides a little more distraction and helps to cause more errors. If you get knocked down, you can get up again.

5. Musical Jets

What You’ll Need: Waterproof stereo.

Goal: To not be caught sitting in the seat where the jets are not running when the music stops.

How to Play: This game is exactly like musical chairs but instead of using chairs you use the jets from inside the hot tub. Have someone (hopefully a dry person) play a song on the stereo while everyone in the hot tub moves around in a clockwise motion. This person must then randomly stop the music and then everyone must freeze where they are at. If there is not a jet blowing up against you when you freeze then you are out and must remove yourself from the hot tub and suffer a penalty.

In order for this game to work properly you need to shut down half the jets in your hot tub otherwise every seat would still have jets running in it and no one would ever lose. This game works really well with a remote control for your stereo so you can stop the music from inside the hot tub. Remember, you must keep moving in a clockwise motion as long as the music is playing, no fair just shuffling your feet and hanging around the nearest jet until the music stops.

Party Food Ideas

Surprise and delight your hot tub party goers with incredible edibles from tasty appetisers and entrees to creative show-stopping desserts. Turn a siesta into a fiesta with a build-your-own taco bar. Complete an all-American barbecue with a mouthwatering array of hot dogs and hamburgers.

Whatever food you decide to serve, don’t forget the sweets! Your hungry swimmers will be eager to satisfy their sweet tooth after playing games. So impress them with a colourful cake or dessert assortment including cupcakes, cookies, donuts or a customised candy station.

Did you know that Hot Tub Hire Glasgow stock a vast range of hot tub party accessories, so that you can find everything you require under one roof so that you can choose the exact look you would like to create for your hot tub party. Whether it is a gazebo, party lights, champagne stand, beer keg, music system, or outdoor cinema for hot tub movie nights, we have it covered. And should you not find what you are looking for, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Hot Tub Party Swimwear

Dress for the occasion! Whether your party theme has a dress code or not, hosts who dress appropriately always leave an impression. If the soiree is adult-only, why not add a touch of shimmer and fun by completing your hot tub party bikini with beachwear, a pretty towel or a pair of sunglasses.

Update your look with some of the latest swimwear trends for men, women and children by reading our latest blogs on hot tub fashion.

Hot Tub Rules

Safety is a must at any hot tub party. Make sure to communicate some basic safety rules to guests before the festivities begin (you can include this information on your invitation).

If there will be small children at your hot tub party reduce the water temperature, make sure they always have proper adult supervision. Explain to them some basic hot tub rules – shower before and after entering and exiting the hot tub with soap and water, enter and exit the hot tub slowly, no jumping or diving, do not bring glass into the hot tub.

Important: Children who are big enough to be in a hot tub should not use it for more than five minutes at a time, especially at the maximum temperature of 104 °F (40 °C). Dropping the hot tub temperature to 98 °F (36 °C). degrees would allow for longer soaks – but never more than 15 minutes at a time. Provide children with plenty of water at the side of the hot tub in a plastic cup so they are able to keep hydrated whiles in the hot tub.

You should also make sure you have a first aid kit on hand in case of any minor mishaps. Set up a few tables with items like sunscreen, visors, and aloe. If you make sure to set up some basic guidelines before the party begins, everybody will be on the same page, helping to ensure you have a safe hot tub party.