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Hot Tub Fashion for Women

With the Scottish warm weather finally upon-us, it's time to get the summer hot tub party started by choosing a hot tub party swimsuit!

When spending your day or evening in the hot tub with family and friends, you want to feel both at ease and stylish. Opt for a black bathing suit, for a simply chic look, or add a touch of shimmer and fun. The idea of a hot tub party is, after all, to have a good time! So, are you ready to jump in the water in a trendy one piece swimsuit or dance and sip drinks in a fashion bikini? To be sure you shine at any hot tub party, complete your hot tub party swimsuit with beachwear, a pretty towel or a pair of sunglasses.

The Latest Hot Tub Fashions for Women

The most basic piece that you need for a hot tub party is a skirt. If you plan to be nearby the hot tub, then I don’t think you need a jumpsuit or a stylish coat. I recommend to try on a beautiful maxi skirt that can be paired with your lovely bikini set. This is a perfect way to have an easy access to the water. The maxi skirt can be easily slipped off and on. If you don’t want to expose your torso, then you should cover it with a lightweight dress. I recommend wearing a lightweight frock that is flowy, comfy and relaxed. The frock can be completed with a pair of cool sunnies and chic straw hat. If you want to make a charming effect, then you should try on crochet garments. Turn heads by wearing a crochet cover-up, topper or mini dress. Don’t be afraid of showing your shoulder. If you want to create that very special and sexy vibe, then you better try on an off-shoulder top, blouse or a dress. It can be either made of lace or silk. You can pair it with a vibrant mini skirt or sexy shorts. In search of a sexy combo? If so, then you should try on kimono and style it with your favorite shorts. The result gonna look laid-back and chic.

If you choose a one-piece, look for something in a fashionable retro cut. That’s right: strapless, boy-bottoms, and sharp v-cuts are hot, hot, hot! And if you’ve always wanted to wear a bikini but hate the skimpy bottoms, you’ll love the latest trend.

Hi-cut and boy bottoms are all the rage. So if you have a mommy-tummy or a generous thigh-to-butt ratio, you’ll be able to hide them and still look chic. Just get rid of the straps! (Or look for something that ties at the sides.)

Solid colours are always in style, but don’t’ be afraid to get adventurous. Tropical prints are stylish in any cut. And don’t forget retro prints such as large polka dots, which will make you the fashion princess at the party.

Need some accessories? Look for a sundress or sarong in a totally different pattern. Scarves are great for keeping your hair back while still giving your head a chance to breathe. Sunglasses are a must if the sun is still up, and don’t forget some strappy sandals to wear between the hot tub and the house.

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